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“Choosing a Huf Haus is, without doubt, the best thing we ever did. Every day is a joy. We never come up the drive without thinking – WOW – can this really be ours? So much light and space, constant temperature summer and winter, full panoramic views out of every big window enable us to capture the beauty of each season. Nothing has gone wrong so far during the 8 years we’ve lived here. We wouldn’t change a thing. We are SO lucky.”

“To live in my Huf Haus, quite simply, makes me happy”

“After 7 years in a Huf-Haus it would be difficult for me to live in a conventional house .. the large amount of glass enables me to live outside from within, in an open plan environment.”

“We just can’t imagine a better lifestyle afforded by a newbuild house as the HUF HAUS. The open plan, quality of finish and the sense of being simultaneously both inside and outside, in comfort, can not be surpassed. Our home fits perfectly into the natural surroundings of the countryside, providing interesting and dynamic living space for all the family.”