Interested in a Huf Haus inItaly?

Huf Haus on Lake ComoOur directory page has recommendations on Project Managers for those wanting to build a Huf Haus in the UK.  We have been contacted by Ultissimo, who are based in London but only work inItaly. They are currently in the process of building three Huf houses in Lake Como.

Benefitting from the experience of an Italian architect, the company’s team of experts can handle everything for you, avoiding the complexities of dealing with planning in a foreign country.  They have two award-winning renovations under their belt from Central Italy, and also run a property buying service on Lake Como which has just won the international award for Best Property Finder Italy 2011 (and incidentally the best in Europe as a whole).  Client satisfaction and market knowledge as well as business results were the key criteria.  Their whole business focus is on enabling international buyers to have a home in Italy easily and securely, avoiding a major drain on the client’s precious time.

Working closely with Peter Huf, Ultissimo have made around 100 modifications to the standard Huf design to meet Italian regulations – a critical piece of work that Huf had been unable to do themselves – changes such as basement ceilings being 10cm lower than usual, bathroom ceilings slightly higher, staircases 3cm wider and 1 degree less steep.

Nothing has compromised the essential Huf design and nobody looking at a completed Italian Huf would spot the differences – they are trivial changes, but necessary to keep the Italian bureaucracy happy.

To our knowledge, Ultissimo are the only people who have been able to do this in Italy and their focus is primarily on clients outside Italy wanting to have a Huf house there.

For more information visit the Ultissimo website